You want the man in your life to remember the gift you gave him this Christmas season. Maybe last year you didn’t give him just what he wanted but of course he was polite about it because it was from you. This year it’s time to be different. This time you want to rock his world and surprise him with a wonderful useful gift.

Have you been spending a lot of time searching and thinking about what kind of gift would be the best for your husband or boyfriend? Maybe you are tired of thinking and just what to go to the store and pick up a great gift that you know he will love.

Well you are in luck below is a list of the top gifts that guys want and need and will love you for.

1. A digital picture frame. Think about all the amazing pictures you have on your digital camera as you read this. Wouldn’t it be nice to show off those great pictures without having to go to the local photo printing store? You bet it would be!

2. Portable Solar Charger from Freeloader. Is your man the type that is very eco friendly? Maybe you are the eco friendly one and want to show him just how easy it can be to make the world better. With this USB solar charger you will be able to do just that.

3. Bluetooth Handsfree Sunglasses. Maybe you are becoming very tired of seeing your husband or boyfriend with a Bluetooth system attached to the side of his face. These sunglasses are the best solution that will remove that eye sore from the size of his face.

4. Stainless Steel Wallet. Something that will surely impress any man. Instead of going with the simple fabric wallet consider a smooth wallet with a texture a lot of silk.

5. Portable Photo Studio. Bring out the photography that lives inside his soul by giving him something that will allow him to take amazing pictures nearly anywhere. With a tripod and even a zip case to hold it all for easy use and easy traveling.

6. Pen Tablet with Pen from Bamboo. Is your guy a writer? Or maybe he is a note taker like most of us. Giving him a nice tablet that he can use where he is is a truly great cool Christmas gifts. No more pen and paper for him with this tablet.

7. Jetboil Personal Cooking System. Hiking will become easier with the help of this cooking system. Your guy can actually boil two cups of water is only two minutes. This system is perfect for those warm nights close to the fire.

Now you don’t have to sit and wonder what is the right gift for the man in your life. Instead you can just get to the store and search for the things on this list.

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