Fish lovers and anyone wanting the beauty of aquariums to add to their home decor need to take a close look at acrylic aquariums. These beauties of high-tech pet supplies offer at least three distinct advantages for aquarium owners:

1. Acrylic aquariums are much lighter weight than traditional glass aquariums. If you consider a 20 gallon aquarium as an example, the typical glass aquarium weights about 35 pounds. An acrylic aquarium the same size weighs about 17 pounds. When you add the weight of the water, the 20 gallon glass aquarium comes in around 225 pounds. The acrylic aquarium, then, would the-beautiful-home save several pounds in total weight, which would is significant for handling and setting it up, as well as on those occasions when you need to move it. In addition, if you’re buying your aquarium via the Internet or through a catalog, you’ll find shipping costs are reduced significantly. Not only is the aquarium lighter to ship, it requires less packing and extra shipping charges which most supplies add to insure the more breakable glass.

2. Acrylic aquariums are virtually unbreakable and leak-proof. Without getting into the technology of it all, a quality acrylic aquarium is fused together by heat and molecular bonding making it virtually leak-proof, with no degradable joints or seams. Most glass aquariums are warranted against leakage and breakage for 1 to 6 years at most. Acrylic aquariums generally carry lifetime warranties. In addition, the acrylics have improved in recent years so that they maintain their clarity and are unlikely to “yellow” or become less clear with age. Although acrylic scratches more easily than glass, aquarium manufacturers sell cheap (about $10) scratch removal kits. Careful cleaning with soft cloths eliminate the scratching problem from the start.

3. These aquariums offer aesthetic benefits for fish lovers and home decor. They come with safe, rounded corners and no sharp edges. They come in a full range of sizes to fit your current aquarium stand or allow you to customize your home decor by purchasing the combination of aquarium shape, size, and stand you want. Acrylics are also more flexible than glass, giving them a distinct “bend and not break” advantage around children, non-fish pets, and even natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes! They also are generally better insulated than glass aquariums, making them require less energy to maintain necessary water temperatures for the health and well-being of your fish.

Whether you already have an aquarium, or you’re just getting started, acrylic aquariums offer important advantages over others. For beautifying your home or just showing off your fish, you should buy an acrylic aquarium when you make your next aquarium purchase.

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