Without a doubt, there will be thousands of blue striped creatures roaming the streets this Halloween in the popular Avatar costume. James Cameron’s fantastic tale of greed versus preserving the planet has touched peoples’ hearts and made the desire to be like the mystical Pandorans hugely popular.

If you have not seen the movie, the saga introduces us to Jake Sully, a soldier who has lost the use of his legs, and also lost his twin brother. The powers that be offer Sully a position in a research project that uses Avatar bodies to interact with the inhabitants of the planet Pandora. Jake is needed as his DNA matches his twin brother’s, now dead, and he can use that Avatar body. In exchange, they promise Jake an expensive operation that will restore his legs.

Of course, what happens is the conflict necessary braid wig to any good story, and Jake becomes conflicted when he realizes the military is in cahoots with big business, trying to obtain valuable ore from the planet. Without regard for the good of the planet or its people, they will go as far as destroying the Pandorans to get what they want.

Enter beautiful Neytiri, a large, blue striped Pandoran woman with enormous expressive eyes and spiritual light: Jake’s a goner. As he learns the compassionate ways of the Pandorans, (and falls in love with Neytiri) Jake’s heart is opened to what he must do. To find out what that is and what he chooses, you simply have to see this amazing film.

As it has touched the hearts of so many people of all ages, it is no wonder that the Halloween season is the perfect time to dress up as Neytiri and Jake Sully (in his Avatar form). The full body suits with the blue stripes, the long black braided wigs, spears and make up all make this possible for every age group.

Although the Pandoran look is fun and exotic in itself, it would be wonderful to talk with your kids about the qualities that make the Pandorans worth emulating. As they are learning every day in school about saving the Earth, this movie and the their wanting the Avatar Costume for Halloween provide a great opening to discuss the choices we make that affect the health of the planet.

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