Buy cheap Instagram views

The Instagram algorithm considers interaction as a weight variable. Therefore, modest or new accounts hardly get organic views. The most common solution is usually to buy views on Instagram , coming from real users .

Is this how you become an influencer on Instagram?

It depends on the case. Famous artists or those who already have a large and active community when opening their instagram account may not need help. And, despite not needing them, almost everyone carries out an online marketing campaign to achieve visibility on this social network first.

Imagine a young person, passionate about modeling, makeup or the world of fashion, who wants to reach sponsors or be famous on Instagram to serve as a launch pad. No matter how popular this person may be, even if they have a small community and have good friends supporting them in the spread, their posts will take a long time to transcend, and that is if they succeed.

There is content that is more prone to viralization , although it is not suitable for most professional Instagram profiles or those who aspire to be so.

In effect, this is like a fish biting its own tail or a barrier almost impossible to outflank without help. When the shared content is good, with quality images and regularity in the publications, it is time to think about buy Instagram Views.

Common sense and segmentation, the key to success

It is evident that this purchase of likes and/or visits must be done with a head, so that the visits arrive in a staggered manner, that they are from real users and not from ghost accounts , and that they focus on the country or countries to which interested in arriving

For example, if content is published in Spanish, the logical thing is that a good part of the followers and views are from countries where that language is spoken, even if it is not the official one. In the case of the example, first of all, the bulk of the views and interactions should come from Spain and LATAM, although there could be a not insignificant sector of visits from the United States, corresponding to the Latin community.

If the publications are made in English, being a language that almost everyone knows even at a basic level, you can be a little less rigorous with the segmentation by nationalities , which does not imply being careless.

Finally, some artisans from very specific market niches can have a real cosmopolitan audience, although in these cases, due to the marked specialization of their publications, they will not become Instagram influencers , despite having more lively communities than many famous people. .

Advantages of buying views on Instagram

The most important advantage has already been explained: bypassing the organic limitations encountered by newly created accounts or those of people who do not have a large community in another social network.

But, if the purchase of visualizations is done with careful segmentation and it is about real users, these users can interact, in fact it is the logical thing to do. A few likes, perhaps a comment asking something when the segmentation has been done taking into account several variables at the same time (the results obtained are slower in these cases, although it usually compensates) or a private message are other signals for the search engine. Instagram that our content is good, that it is liked and should be more visible than others that pass unnoticed before the eyes of those who scroll in a hurry.

If your content is not really good, due to lack of experience or the right team, you can combine the purchase of views with the acquisition of a few likes. Remember, everything should look natural.

Buy views for IGTV

IGTV is the latest important functionality that Instagram has added, in an attempt to seize the leadership of content marketing in video format from YouTube.

Now, always in a vertical format for better viewing on mobile devices, any user can upload videos between 15 seconds and 10 minutes, and up to 1 hour in the case of popular accounts.

Today these videos are not monetizable through Adsense-type advertising, but they can be through sponsorships agreed with companies. Instagram seeks to increase the quality time that its users spend using the network to improve its (Instagram’s) advertising revenue. You have made a strong bet and you don’t have to be very smart to know that Instagram is going to take great care of those accounts that help you achieve your goal. In this case, the accounts with videos that hook users more, that have more hours attending, evaluating time globally.

In principle, Instagram will be indifferent to whether a 30-minute video gets X views per month or a 10-minute video gets 3X. Later, it will be seen.

The Gordian knot of the IGTV issue is that here the algorithm takes into account previous views, and we are talking about videos that remain, not as in the case of stories. Until a video has 500, 1000 or 5000 complete views, that data is not public, it will not be considered of interest to be shown to those who do not come to our channel specifically to see if we have published something in video format.

If with images and stories buying with views helps semi-professional or professional accounts take off, with videos it is an imperative, today, if you are not a celebrity.

There is nothing wrong with it, it is another way to make yourself known, such as Facebook Ads. Although the prices of Facebook Ads skyrocket if one is not an expert, while the interaction packages for Instagram have a price fixed in advance. You know how many visits or likes you are going to get and where they are going to come from, if you specify it.

Prices are usually more advantageous for purchases of large blocks of shares. Many providers of this type of service offer the possibility of setting a maximum number of daily interactions, so that it is almost impossible to detect that the traffic has been bought. To fill in the “almost”, think about what your starting point is and what profitable but credible growth would look like. Take it a little at a time, and once you start having organic, not purchased, interactions, you can venture out and add more daily views, but always wisely.

If you can know what values ​​your direct competition manages, you will have a good reference. Seek to achieve a little more than competitors at your level, but without drawing attention to yourself.

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