Secrets Of The Bach Cello Suites And Violin Partitas

1) Most cellists and violinists underestimate the technical difficulty of playing solo Bach. 2) Bach conveys religious emotion, not romanticism. These observations are related. What are the major technical difficulties of Bach? The difficulties are related to conveying religious emotion. For example, Dounis said vibrato was the basis of left hand technique, not simply an […]

Violins For Beginners – Types and Sizes

Violins come in different sizes to suit children and adults of various age. Here is a violins for beginners guide that can help you choose the right size of musical instrument that fits your needs: Violin Types Generally, the violin has two types. However, violin makers from all parts of the world have created different […]

Choosing Nursing Review Centers

Selecting the best review center is like choosing the best answer in a board exam question. Almost all choices appear to be correct but only one is the best answer. So how exactly does one arrive at the best decision? Use the nursing process! Step 1 – ASSESSMENT Listen to the presentation of each review […]