Selecting the best review center is like choosing the best answer in a board exam question. Almost all choices appear to be correct but only one is the best answer. So how exactly does one arrive at the best decision? Use the nursing process!


Listen to the presentation of each review center. Your school will normally schedule a date where review centers are given equal opportunities to make a sales pitch. Take down notes. Make a list of the good points of each review center. This will help you narrow down your choices.

Ask questions. Find out the track record of review centers as shown by their passing rate in past board examinations. Inquire as to the number of review Pinoy HD hours and the kind of materials they use in their review. Scrutinize their roster of lecturers.

Visit the actual review site. The environment should be conducive for learning. Classroom size is important as well as the number of reviewees per class. The relationship of reviewees should be inversely proportional to the classroom size. This means bigger classrooms with fewer reviewees is better. Facilities such as library, audio-video equipment, and computers are major considerations too.

Examine the packages being offered by each review center and its corresponding costs.

Ask people you know about their experience with each review center.

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