Choosing a jewelry piece to go with a formal dress is the most difficult of all. The deliberate effort of being subtle yet beautiful and the consciousness of picking just the right piece makes the whole process a tricky path to tread. In such a case, one is always in a dilemma as to whether or not to pick a piece which is looking beautiful since there is a nagging instinct of avoiding gaudy and showy jewelry by all means.

A wrong jewelry piece can very easily devoid you of the grace and suaveness of your complete look, hence, one has to be extra cautious while buying costume jewelry for formal wears. Here are few tips which can come handy while picking up formal jewelry pieces.

Tip 1: The most important thing to remember is that the dress itself is the main attraction hence, the jewelry too needs to be in close co-ordination with the color and design of your dress. Mismatching of colors with regard to jewelry and dress makes a blunder, thus, avoid stones that clash with the color of your dress. One should also notice the overall appearance of the dress, as in if the dress is showy with lots of bead work and sequins then large and bright jewelry should to be avoided.

Tip 2: Color of the settings should also be considered moissanite engagement rings while shopping for formal costume jewelry. For example, if you are carrying a classic black dress then you have umpteen options to choose from. Any formal jewelry from silver to yellow gold would go with it but in case of other colors, one needs to check out the various shades and styles of jewelry available and choose a piece accordingly. Rose and white gold are other options which can be tried with formal dresses.

Tip 3: Always pick a piece which ‘you’ think is beautiful because if you feel beautiful inside you will indeed look beautiful outside, no matter what. So, if you like an unconventional jewelry piece and think that it would go with your dress and style then do not waste any time in considering your decision, go ahead and flaunt it.

Tip 4: If stones and beads do not fall in your choicest category then go for the safest and smartest option- Diamonds. Being a girl’s best friend, as they are popularly called, diamonds look good on every outfit. The concept of colors ends when it comes to diamonds. These colorless precious stones can be co – ordinate with every possible color and design.

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