Just how would you know that the service you are considering is indeed a paid survey online scam? What sets the legit ones from these no-good scams? To answer that question, you really should take it upon yourself to do a lot of research and background checking into the survey sites that you are considering. This way, you can better prepare yourself and avoid those numerous online scams claiming to be the real thing.

There are actually telltale signs that can help you in 메이저사이트 whether or not the site you are considering presently is just a paid survey online scam. If you see one or more or even all of these signs in the site you are considering, then you best look for another. Fortunately, there are still more honest-to-goodness sites than the phony ones. Still, it is best to prepare yourself accordingly to avoid getting scammed out of your own hard-earned money.


Scam #1. Pay to Join Survey Sites

Where can you find a physical company or office charging you a certain fee so that they would hire or employ you? Nowhere, right? The same thing goes with online paid survey sites. Some survey sites charge you a one-time registration fee so that you would be given free surveys to take. Beware of these sites because this should not be the case at all. After all, paid survey sites would earn direct commissions from the companies that are in need of survey data so charging you a fee would be unnecessary. However, do not mistake online paid survey directory sites from the scammers. There are sites that charge you a fee so that you would be given a list of legitimate paid survey sites. This fee is understandable because you are given access to a website of legal paid survey sites, not the surveys themselves.


Scam #2. Empty Shell Sites

These sites look extremely good on the outside but when you get down to the bottom of it all, they are actually empty on the inside. These online scam sites are usually run as membership sites. What happens is you are charged a membership fee and when you pay them to become a member, you do not hear from them ever again. When you do try to contact them via email or chat support, most of them would be unreachable, while those that you can reach would just tell you that there are times when the waiting period for surveys to start coming in is quite long. You are in for an eternal wait in the end.

Scam #3. Gifts for Payment

Sites that offer gift certificates, discount vouchers, movie tickets, and the like are usually paid survey online scams. Avoid sites that do not pay you in cash because chances are, you would just end up not getting paid at all.

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