If you are reading this article you are either considering having a new solar system installed or are about to begin the process of finding a trustworthy installer. I understand the process can be daunting and so decided to write this short article outlining your possibilities when trying to find that perfect installer.
I believe you have 3 main options when searching for a solar panel installer in your local area. They are as follows:

Option one – The Social option

You may ask friends, family members or even your neighbours who have had solar installations if they could recommend a solar panel installer they may have used. By doing so you can ask as many questions as you want about the installers, the installation and their overall experience with that particular installer. However if you don’t know of anyone who has had a solar panel installation, or the people you do know cant recommend the installer they used then I have two more options for you to choose from.

Option two – The Easy Option

The next viable option is one that is the most common of them all, jump on to a computer and type in solar panel installers in you local area. Search engines will bring back results relating to your query and you now have hundreds of results at your finger tips. Among the results there will most likely be business directory listings full of solar installers in your local area. From these listings you will find all the information you need about the installer and possibly a feed back system where you can read any reviews that people may have made about that particular installer.

Option Three – Why not let others do the work for you?

So your friends and family cant recommend a trustworthy installer and you don’t have the time to trawl through thousands of results that popular search instalator sanitar engines present you with. So what’s next?

Comparison sites, you can now use comparison sites that will simply find the installers for you! You don’t have to do anything other than provide the company with simple details such as your name and what kind of installation you require. After the company receives your details they can simply look up their database and find the perfect installer to match your personal preferences.

By using these types of websites you can be certain that the installers are fully accredited and have gone through a strict process to be listed in that company’s database. These types of comparison sites are easy to find and are FREE, please ensure you don’t pay any fees as the most popular comparison sites are free.

Now you have a list of installers what do you do? What do you look for?

After finding a list of installers from the Internet or friends and family I strongly suggest you do a bit of research on each company. Take a look at their website, view any testimonials and images of recent work that they may offer. After refining your list further you should contact the remaining installers and ask for a proposal from each one. The proposal will contain information, advice and pricing on the system that will suit you and your property the best.

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