Virtual Wallet from Google

Are you frustrated in looking for the right credit card to use for the transaction? Let Google Wallet save your day! It’s easy to use as long as your phone is near to an enabled field communication. To register simply search for your preferred card and tap your phone to any NFC checkout. This will automatically cover all your payments and keeps you on the move during busy days. In case you would lose you phone, just disable the cards remotely.


One of the best business apps that help you keep track of your online purchases is Slice. You simply have to input your email address and Slice will keep track of all your electronic receipts.

Dropbox – The Document Saver

Sharing files will never be a problem again with Dropbox – The Document Saver. Simply put files that you want to access anytime within the folder, and you can check your documents from your smartphone.


This app helps by integrating the signatures in your emails so that you can easily find a contact phone number even when they are not saved on your mobile. It stores information for you in cloud memory so contacts are safe even when you lose your mobile phone.

Sign Easy

Sign your documents right through your phone or tablet. More info Gone are the days when you have to scan documents whenever a signature is required. It is considered one of the best business apps since it will save you plenty of time running your scanner and back to your computer when you need signed documents.


Getting a card or giving a card to your prospect customer? Things are becoming easier with BUMP. You just have to “bump” two smartphones and you will automatically swap contact numbers in seconds.

Google Drive

Google Drive is an app that enables you to integrate or sync your documents to your email easily. It allows document attachments too.

PDF Reader PRO

Most businessmen would prefer to use PDF files than any other Microsoft documents. However, not all computers or laptops support this application. Good thing there is PDF Reader Pro that reads PDF files that enables you to open the document.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is by far the most helpful business apps for me because you can just schedule your meetings, calls, appointments and deadline. You don’t have to worry about missing an appointment, because this app allows you to sync with your computer, smartphone or tablet. So wherever you go and whatever gadget you bring, you can just manage your time easily.

Google Maps

Ever got lost on your way to a meeting? Google Maps is your best tool to know where you are going. You can use it in your car, while on public transportation, and any other way you are travelling. Google maps include different distinctive features making it an extremely useful business app.

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